3,000,000,000 dollars of commissions were paid to brokers & advisers last year

If you can't outplay them outsmart them


Any loan... any lender.

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So who's calling the shots?

The 'Big 4' Australian Banks made 13.9 billion dollars profit last year!

Last year Australian Advisers and Brokers received more than $3,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) in trailing commissions.

These trailing commissions continue for the lifetime of your loan – that’s 25-30 years. It’s a job that only takes a week or so to complete!!!

CODENAME: 'Beat the banks'

We know the way the ‘game’ is played and who the winners are. It’s time it changed… We don’t believe in Commissions. With Our MONEY BACK MORTGAGE – commissions are paid to you. It’s simple and it’s the right thing to do.

Your mission

Financial & Banking services re-imagined

To save money, lots of money
To pay your home off years sooner
To 'supercharge' your retirement savings
To have simplicity with your banking and
The certainty to set your goals

A Money Back Mortgage gives you the opportunity to 'Beat the Banks!’

Change the game

Money is paid to you by your bank every month. For you, Money is the promise of opportunity. The more money you have, the more opportunities present themselves.

Holding Access

Out-smart your Bank. With our knowledge and advice, we'll help unlock for you the power of cash flow management and smarter banking.

'Win' a life Debt Free

With your home paid off years sooner imagine life having no mortgage and living life debt free

“Our experience with Mydomaine has been nothing short of amazing!

We were taught to better understand financial processes, how to manage our money in a smarter way and more specifically, we got $3,161 back after settlement and trailing commissions starting at $66/month.

We’ll have our home loan paid off almost 15 years sooner!

Mydomaine has paved the way to a smarter future for our family and we cannot fault them!

Highly recommend!!"

- Ashleigh Lindsay and Jeremy Bush, Southern River. WA

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See how much interest you can save and the amount of time a
MONEY BACK MORTGAGE can take off the term of your loan.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Moneyback Mortgage

So how does a Money Back Mortgage work? How does it save me so much money?

We charge a simple advice fee instead of receiving Broker Commissions. With a Money Back Mortgage we have arranged that your Lender will pay to you 100% (ex. GST) of the upfront commission after settlement and then a monthly trailing commission for the life of your loan. These commission rebates when banked against the loan reduce your interest costs meaning more of your repayments go towards paying off the principle debt. Not only do you save interest but by paying your home off sooner you'll save the monthly mortgage repayments.

What’s an Offset Account? How does it work?

A 100% Interest Offset Account is just a savings account but it's linked to your home loan. Any funds in your Offset account are taken into consideration and reduce the home loan balance on which the interest charges are calculated. The more held in Offset - the less interest you pay. This means with each monthly mortgage repayment you make less gets swallowed up by interest costs and more goes towards paying off the original loan amount.

Are my mortgage repayments and interest rates the same (or better)?

Our MONEY BACK MORTGAGE is not a loan product - it's our service offering. With more than 30 Lenders and 100's of loan products on our panel we'll work to get you the most suitable loan at competitive rates. SAME LENDERS - SAME LOAN PRODUCTS - SAME COMPETITIVE RATES but... You get paid the Commissions

You charge me an Advice Fee – when will what I get back in Commissions cover my cost outlay?

This will vary dependent on your loan size, term of loan and any additional payments you make or save in offset. Our professional obligation is to always work in your best interest. We guarantee that if our advice is to refinance with a MONEY BACK MORTGAGE then you will be in a better position.

It seems too good to be true? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We're paid an advice fee for our services. We believe the amount of commissions paid to Brokers far exceeds the true value of the service provided. In fact, we don't believe in getting paid commissions at all! Our fee-for-service approach is fair, provides to you a significant benefit and is the right thing to do.

What Guarantees do I have that I will get paid the Commissions for the life of the Loan?

It's your Lender that pays the commissions. These commissions are paid directly to your nominated bank account each month via the commission aggregation system and arrangements we hold with our Credit Licensee, Vow Financial Pty Ltd.

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We'll discuss your goals and circumstances with you. We'll provide to you our recommendations, the most appropriate loan product and the benefits of our Money Back Mortgage.

There's no obligation to proceed from there, however with your acceptance, we'll handle everything from application to settlement.

Our ongoing financial care will keep you on track.

Contact us and your mission is in play. You can 'Beat the Bank' at their game and look forward to a life being debt free.

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